A document flow with Taskmenizer

A very interesting way of using Taskmenizer was found by one of our clients – a small company that make repairs and other constructional activities. Because they are constantly out of office, they cannot use usual E-mail programs like Outlook or the Bat. However, they need to stay in contact all the time, as new projects appear, some changes need to be introduced, that is why they have to use mobile applications. Therefore, they began to use Taskmenizer as an app for document flow. It allows not only to have all the needed documents at your fingertips, but also work with them, change and send back or forward.
This experience can be widely spread to the companies, where employees are very mobile, but an administrator or a manager should constantly control their activities, for example, merchandisers or insurance agents. Sending a document as a task, he or she definitely knows the time, when it is done. It simplifies the management process, making it more clear and transparent.
That is why we say – Do not do it yourself, Taskmenize it.