Taskmenizer used by a usual family. Learn how!

Today I will tell you about taskmenizer use in my friend's family. I asked them to be our users, offered some scenarios how it can help them and decided to wait and see - where this will lead. They are just husband and wife, no kids. Leo told me at the beginning that he has no use for taskmenizer at home and using it at work would have more sense. But I insisted and he agreed. This was 6 months ago.
If you are a person that is not using task management software at home, what can make you use one? It's a very difficult task, I did not have a solution for. So the first one to use taskmenizer in their family was Marina. She started without any collaborative features, just using it as a personal organizer. Her IPhone 5S did not make her happy with the way her personal notes were organized, with taskmenizer she was satisfied with the result. The first thing that appeared in taskmenizer were IOU notes. Whether she took something of somebody took something from her - those notes were in taskmenizer now. Books, home stuff, money. She had not so many notes like this but she was happy to free her head from them. Then it was Leo’s turn. Marina added him to taskmenizer for shopping notifications. “Leo, darling, don't forget to bring a vine bottle for dinner”. And Marina gets a push-notification when Leo accepts the task and even when he got the bottle of vine, and on his way home.
Next taskmenizer was used for home tasks that are always pending but everybody forget about them, so they are never done. Marina asked Leo several times to do something with one of the outlets at home. It was seldom used, once in 2 or 3 months, so when it was needed again it was broken again. This lead to this task appearing in Leo`s taskmenizer and he just could not forget about it. And the outlet was fixed. Marina was very happy about it.
It was very unexpected for me that Marina became the one that found so many ways to use taskmenizer in their everyday life and not Leo. She started using it herself, then added Leo as an executor for her tasks and then Leo became a taskmenizer user. I monitor their progress and I see that they open the app once, twice a day. There are days that they don't use it, but I also see that they are not going to stop using it as it became a useful tool in their family life.