How to save money on accountant?

In today's world, where everyone is trying to cut costs, small and medium business increasingly refuse of accountant, as a full-time unit, and begin to use the services of outsourcing companies. The entire accounting and reporting is implemented by a person, who does not need even to be present in the company.

What are the benefits of using outsourcing accounting services?

  • First, it is cost reduction. And this reduction can be quite significant, because you don't have to pay the employee wages and social benefits, sick days and vacation, you do not need to organize and maintain workplace, to provide accounting department with stationery. -Secondly, it saves time. The Manager can save a lot of time, usually spent on the solution of the non-core tasks, understanding the accounting jigsaw, and can carry out their direct duty – the organization of business processes.
  • Third, professionalism. Accountant-outsourcing company usually has several projects faced different challenges, that makes it faster to accumulate experience and avoid similar mistakes with other companies. Also you do not need to spend time and money on training of an accountant, as it is the direct responsibility of the company providing accounting services. To train accountants is an often task due to the changing legislation and the introduction of new accounting requirements.

Only companies who have something to hide hesitate on using outsourcing accountant , because they cannot oblige a person, who is not the employee, to store a commercial secret or hide violations of the law. But if you're a good entrepreneur, you have nothing to fear – the outsourcing accountant assumes full responsibility for its work.

The outsourcing accountant performs all the same tasks as the staff accountant: maintains its accounting records, calculates and pays wages, provides tax reports, and represents the company in government bodies, making necessary reviews for the functioning of the company.

An outsourcing accountant needs to be provided with the primary statements, issued invoices, receipts and other documentation supporting transaction. You can provide this information on paper, but in the age of information technology, there is a number of other features to establish a document flow with a person who does not sit next to you.

We offer you a solution of Digital Mechanics application called Taskmenizer. The scheme of interaction with the outsourcing accountant will look something like this:

  • employee sends primary statements with the relevant documents to the accountant through the Taskmenizer app in the form of tasks. At the accountant request it can be added extra information in the comments field to provide an accountant with additional information or duplicated information from the document, so it was easier to make it in the accounting program. Once the accountant from the office enters this information, he puts a note of finishing of the task.
  • accountant, if necessary, may request additional documents from any employee, putting him the task.
  • the Director or the manager of the company may request any statements by putting the appropriate task to accountant, and the accountant can send it back as an attachment.

Additional advantage of such an application is mobility. You can report or send a document from a mobile device anywhere – from office, client, car, cafes, etc. Operations that require a desktop computer can be made at a workplace, as Taskmenizer has a version for personal computers.

Thus, you get a mobile, economical, professional staff replacement of your accountant, and if you correctly organize the process, it creates lots of advantages and benefits!