Management tasks and Task management

Management is an amazing thing, which can get you on the top or kill the best initiative, according to how it is implemented and what is targeted at.

  • Management can be focused on the process, when the execution of the work according to the procedures spelled out in the instructions is the main goal, often in this case the activity turns into work for work's sake.
  • Management can be focused on the result that must be achieved at any cost, not paying attention to human and other resources needed for this reason.
  • Management can be anticipating that initially analyzes all the possibilities and then selects the most suitable way, however in today's ever changing world, too long planning can lead to errors and not achieving the goal because of changed circumstances.
  • Management can be business-economic, when the organization as a whole is placed at the head, paying attention to all its past and future, its resources and current situation. Business management divides on tactical to meet short-term objectives and strategic to follow the main direction of the company.

Tasks take the major part of business management, and task management plays an important role in the whole activity. Actually, now the task management is the most effective way to manage, as it involves the use of scarce resources for issues that can be ranked by priority.

Management assumes a closed cycle consisting of:

  • gathering information
  • analysis and decision-making
  • setting tasks and organization of their implementation
  • control and making changes
  • feedback.

As you can see, the result of management in general will depend on how well each of these processes is fulfilled.

Taskmenizer as task management application that allows you to automate much of the management cycle. Setting tasks, determining execution time, providing necessary information and explanations allow the contractor to complete the task accurately. The manager is able to control the timing of execution and get the intermediate results, and it can give feedback to the contractor via comments. Due to the task archive available, it also becomes possible to carry out analysis and to obtain new data for the next task.

Thus, Taskmenizer allows you to improve management efficiency to a new level, especially if we are talking about small and medium business.