Taskmenizer for S.M.A.R.T. tasks

If you are a Manager or Director, or finished a management course in University, you probably know what is setting goals by SMART means. If you have never met it before, in short it is a task setting system, which must be: a)specific b)measurable c)achievable d)real and d)time bound. If all these conditions are fulfilled, then your job is doomed to qualitative and effective implementation. If you forgot about at least one item, wait that your subordinates will use all their imagination and add free creativity in its execution.

In Taskmenizer a SMART system is built-in. You will never forget any item, if you strictly complete all fields in application.

Well, let us show that S means to set a specific task. To do this, you clearly formulate the task name in the application Taskmenizer. Try to think about the person you put this task to, so that your abbreviations and terms do not bring him to the wrong path.

M – define what actions should be done that the task was considered completed. You can use the field "Task Description" or attach a file, the filling of which will be the result. In addition, for the criterion of measurability you can use the fact of completeness, a check mark informing you that the task is finished.

A – there should be enough resources for task implementation. Problems are different, you need to consider the details for each separately, but if we talk about Taskmenizer, you can easily work with files using any third party applications, to receive them, pass or attach a new one to do everything to complete the task. Thus, the use of mobile apps allows you not to be tied to a place, you can process information on the move.

R - the goal must be realistic. If a task receiver thinks that your task is impossible, or it has missing any essential terms, he or she can easily add a comment and discuss it, or completely cancel this task.

T – clearly defined time for the task is successfully implemented in Taskmenizer: you can set the time when this task must be received, time interval of execution and even recall the task a few times if necessary.

In addition, you will always know whom and what task you set, it is enough to choose a contact from your phonebook; also, you will have a list of tasks, so you don’t need check in with planning all the time, and easily control the terms of performance and performers directly. Taskmenizer also gives you the ability to use the task archive, where you will be able to see, for example, how long it takes to perform a task, an average time of the implementation, to understand who better copes with it. Taskmenizer will give you the opportunity to save time on setting tasks because the same task you can quickly broadcast to multiple performers, or forward it to the necessary one.

Thus, Taskmenizer not only simplify your life but also increases the effectiveness of your management to a new level.
We always say: do not do it yourself, Taskmenize it!