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What is it?

Taskmenizer – task management for teams and groups. Taskmenizer is used by SMB companies, freelancers, families, companies – for fast online task management. Freelancers – to be up to date with their clients. Families – just to send a groceries list or any home task. We removed all the unnecessary stuff and focused on the essentials.

Why Taskmenizer?

To ease your everyday routine! To improve the efficiency of work and communication! You write a task and send it to your contact ... no need to write sticky notes or memorize, all the arrangements have been made. Just accept the task and do it. No need to complicate. This is Taskmenizer.

All user and service data transfer is ssl-encrypted.
Zero learning curve solution for task managment.
Cloud based
No configuration or maintenance. Register and you can begin.
All the basic features, needed for task management with unlimited contacs are free. Always.

Additional advanced functionality for the price of a cup of coffee.

Web and mobile clients available!

How does it work?

Choose a contact
From your smartphone address book or just by adding a phone number in web-client.
Add a task
Just like instant messaging - choose a contact, sent a task.
Get task accepted notification
Desktop or push-notifications. Your recipint got his task.
Get task complete notification
You will be notified immediatly on task completion. No delays or long lists to fill.
Do the really important things
It's important for us that you can set your tasks instantly. A couple of seconds and you go back to your live and work. Taskmenizer will take care of the rest.
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Advanced Taskmenizer functions. Endless storage and support for recurring tasks.


Endless storage for documents. Add any number of files to your tasks.

Recurring tasks

Recurring tasks - create the tasks for yourself or your contacts and it will persistently occur every day, week, month or year.

Our customers

«I finally don't forget to feed my cat! Thank you!»
Daniel Abelski
«My friends set me tasks at 2am. Thats really refreshing!»
Mikhail Smirnov
«Set a task to go out and buy a cake. Went out. Bought the cake. Thats odd...»
Evgeny Morozov